Finding the Right Lifting Slings and Using them Correctly

Lifting slings are one of the most commonly used items of lifting equipment, made specifically to support loads during a lift and give them stability, while helping to take the weight of them. Quality, well made lifting slings are absolutely essential for lifting safely and securely as well as for keeping operatives protected. There are different types of lifting slings you can choose and these can be used in conjunction with other kinds of lifting equipment as required. Always use lifting slings exactly as intended according to manufacturer instructions; this is the only way to guarantee safety.

Are you looking to buy lifting slings to use in heavy duty applications, with chain hoists, with cranes or in any other way to optimise lifting for you? The most important factors you need to adhere to are choosing the right sling for the right lifting application, and then using the sling in the right way. It must be attached correctly, loaded correctly and then operated as intended throughout, before being unloaded in the correct manner as well.

When choosing a lifting sling you will be presented with a range of choices. The first one is to pick the grade of sling that you want. Some lifting slings are intended for single use, while others are heavy duty and can be used many times over as required. You can choose economy slings as well, or another specific type. The different distinct types of lifting sling available for sale include:

  • Chain slings. Grade 8,10 and 12 chain slings can be bought for various uses and further specific to make the suitable for many applications. There are chain slings available with 1,2,3 and 4 legs as preferred. Shorteners can also be added.
  • Wire rope slings. Highly customisable, wire rope slings can come with soft eyes, thimble eyes and master hooks on one side (with the sling hook on the other side). These types of slings can lift loads up to 72.9 Tonnes in weight as long as they have three or four legs. They can lift up to 34.6 Tonnes with a single leg.
  • Webbing slings and round slings are low cost slings for multiple applications. They can have up to a 200 Tonne capacity and you can specify them up to 50m in length. Most polyester webbing slings are standard sizes but they can also be made to order as well if you need a certain size or specification. Webbing slings have a wide bearing surface which is very useful in supporting the load and making sure it is steady before lifting. Webbing slings are also lightweight and versatile, making them flexible to use in various situations.

The load that is being transported will always need to be well supported and loaded up evenly for safety. The last thing that anyone wants while using a lifting sling is for it to over balance and cause damage or an accident. The load will need to be secured properly using load rated straps, as well as the load being properly balanced before lifting commences.