A Roller Shutter Door for a Newly Built Garage

A garage is a major build that can have a profound affect on house price and quality of life. It makes a major difference to the way you live on a day to day basis, affecting where you store your belongings, where you park your car, and it also has the potential to be a functional space such as a home gym or a workshop. But what door do you choose for your newly built garage? This is a key decision, but you don’t necessarily need to make it straight away. A roller shutter door is a popular choice for new garages, as it has a simple, clean design, as well as being well insulated and secure. This option is well worth exploring further so that you understand what a door of this kind can do for you, how it will work, what it will look like and how much it would cost you.

Why choose a roller shutter door for a new garage? What are the benefits for newly build garages?

Roller doors are popular for new build homes and newly built garages. Much of this comes down to their incredibly modern appearance, with clean lines, simple construction and overall modernness. The simplicity makes a roller door highly versatile, so it can look good in any setting. With a choice of colours and finishes, the door can be adapted to its surroundings.

Roller doors are also highly practical, especially if you choose an electric option. This is ideal if you’re building a new garage to improve your way of life, and you want simple, secure access to it. The door rolls up vertically, giving you more space on your driveway.

Prices for roller shutter garage doors: how much will a roller door cost to buy and install?

Roller doors are mid range doors – the cheapest option would be a canopy or up and over door, and a more expensive option would be a sectional door or round the corner door.

There are several factors that will affect the price of a garage door, such as the material and the brand. Here are some tips to work out if you can afford your ideal roller shutter door for your new garage:

  1. Find a reputable online garage door retailer, where you can see prices for garage doors.
  2. Look through the range and find the door design you like. Bear in mind that materials might differ across the range, so picking a door made of your chosen material (like steel or aluminium) will mainly come down to the actual product – you won’t have a choice further through the process.
  3. You should be able to see a ‘from’ price – this will be the lowest priced option for that product. Other factors will affect the price, including the door width and height, whether or not the door has a motor to make it electrically operated, and the delivery location. If you’re buying online, you can add all of these options on to see what the price will be.