Choosing a Glass Extension Over a Traditional Brick Extension

Extending your home with a glass room has many added benefits for your way of life and your home as a whole. Glass extensions are the modern alternative to a conservatory, encompassing modern living whilst still giving you considerably more space in your home – and a very different outlook. Whereas having a conservatory involves looking out through windows and doors, a glass room is seamless, designed to look as much like the outdoors as possible. It provides beautiful all-round views of the surrounding areas and lets you enjoy being in your garden at any time of the year, with the added weather protection of glass.

Why choose a glass extension over a brick extension?

When you think of a home extension, you probably think of extending a house’s footprint with a brick extension. Remember that this certainly isn’t the only way – more people are opting for glass extensions that open up their home and make a better impression on its overall outlook. A glass extension gives you more flexibility, more versatility and, importantly, will be easier to budget for. The balance is in many ways much better with a glass extension – you can improve your lifestyle and home dramatically without spending over the odds. Conservatories can cost a good deal more money and might not look anywhere near as good.

These are some of the main reasons why homeowners are opting for glass extensions over brick extensions:

  • Fits with the modern lifestyle. Homes are more open plan, and incorporate more outdoor living than they used to. Glass rooms fit perfectly with this aesthetic and allow you to improve your home in line with current trends, fashions and way of living. Whilst these may be fashionable, they’re also unlikely to go out of fashion any time soon, as daylight and open plan living are both integral to living more comfortably.
  • The practicalities of building and affording a glass extension. You often won’t need planning permission, and you won’t need all of the foundations required for a traditional brick conservatory. You can build your glass extension more quickly and with far fewer barriers in your way. There will be less building work, which means a quicker construction, and also that the building process will cost you less.
  • Blending indoor life with outdoor life. A glass room gives seamless, almost panoramic views of the outdoor world. It’s like being outside, but without having to worry about rain or sun. A glass room is a place to relax, surrounded by the greenery of the great outdoors, but with all the comforts of being inside your own home. There are endless options for furnishing and decorating glass rooms – you can make them feel more like a garden room, or you could make this a space to eat and entertain, like an extension of your dining room. The choice is entirely yours.

Glass rooms complement your way of life and extend your home in an attractive, imaginative manner. There’s a lot to gain from extending your home with glass.