Responsibly Sourcing Chain Hoists

You can’t every be too careful with lifting equipment. It is big, bulky and built to deal with heavy loads, making its use inherently dangerous for the lifting equipment or crane operator. When you choose the lifting equipment you are going to buy, it is very important that you choose equipment which is going to be safe and completely fit for purpose. Hoists are especially important components within the lifting process, and finding the ideal chain hoist for sale on the internet is no mean feat. You might have to search long and hard before you find exactly what you are looking for – but it is so important that you do, your health and safety record could be in jeopardy.

Let’s start by examining what a chain hoist actually is. It is a hoist that can be clamped onto cranes and beams in order to assist with lifting processes. Whilst the crane is a central part of the process, the hoist arguably plays the most important role, because it holds onto the loads and makes sure it arrive in the right place, safely. This makes it especially important to ensure the hoist is fir for purpose.

There are different kinds of hoist on the market and some are even manual, meaning they would be operated by hand, without electricity. This is all well and good, until you get a load that is simply too heavy and too bulky. In this instance, you will then need to use an electric hoist.

When will you choose to use an electric chain hoist? Usually they will be appropriate for loads with less than a 50 Tonne capacity. When your load gets heavier than this, a wire rope hoist might be employed instead. It is all about judging what is going to be the most appropriate type of hoist for the lift you need to perform, and making sure it is being performed carefully, in a controlled, safe environment.

Under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER), it is essential that you choose equipment that is fit for purpose. What this means is that it will have the right capacity, will do the job safely and has been designed for that specific type of task. If you don’t comply, you can be putting yourself and your staff in very real danger whilst working on site. You also risk damage to the equipment, though this is nowhere near as serious as the consequences if you hurt or seriously injure a person due to using incorrect equipment.

When sourcing lifting equipment and finding electric chain hoists to buy, you must make sure they are the correct size and capacity. Check everything with the supplier, especially if you are not familiar with the equipment yourself. If you are ever unsure, you must ask someone else to step in because as the employer, it is your duty to take care of all tasks relating to the safety of the equipment you are using. Double check hoist specs and carry out visual inspections every time you use them.